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“What do you want?” I asked.  “What is it that you want?”

She stared at me blankly, and said nothing.  She maintained her smile but I saw it slowly fading.

For the past 30 minutes she’d talked about her husband and his successes, and what he wanted to do when he retired.  She had spoken of her two kids in college, and their majors, and specifically what they were hoping to do once they graduated.  She went on to describe her mother and how she wanted to go on a trip for seniors touring Ireland, the first trip her mother would take since her father passed.  She described her younger sister’s new business and her plans to franchise within the next year, and how proud she was of her.  She knew so much about what everyone close to her wanted.

So I gave her a moment, and then asked her again, “What do you want?”

I saw her eyes well up with tears, and still she just looked at me, only the smile was gone.  She reached into her purse for a tissue.

“I don’t know,” she replied.  “I really don’t know.”

I had heard this before, and even been in that awful stuck place where I’d said those exact same words.

You see, it’s what sometimes happens to many of us in midlife:  we’re so wrapped up in being a good wife, a good mother, a good daughter, a good sister, or a good employee, that we tune in 100% to everyone else’s wants and goals and aspirations, so much so that we build our entire lives around helping with the successful achievements of others. Only one day we wake up feeling incredibly empty and depleted, and we long for something that’s completely our very own.

“I want something more,” she finally says, with tears streaming down her face. I gently squeezed her arm, nodded my head and smiled.

“Let’s get to work, then.  I know exactly what to do.”  I said.

And work it is!  Connecting to higher guidance, peeling back layers of gunk to arrive at a true desire, deciding how to bring it to fruition, and committing to an action plan take work, and that’s where discovering and developing your “something more” has to begin.

All transformation, all reinvention takes work, but it’s actually fun work.  It’s fun because creating a life that’s exciting, fulfilling and lucrative is empowering, and it ignites a passion within us that feels completely in alignment with our purpose.

Is it time for you to reinvent?  Are you ready to create your “something more”?

Let’s go to work, then.  I know exactly what to do.


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