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Schedule a Personal Transformational Tarot Reading

Wouldn’t it be incredibly helpful to sit down privately with someone who could give you a crystal-clear understanding of what’s actually happening in your life, and point you in the right direction? Treating yourself to a Personal Reading with me will leave you feeling enlightened, energized, powerful, and ready to change or alter what is holding you back from achieving your dreams and aspirations.

Transformational Tarot is more than a reading.  You will discover:

  • What past influences are still hovering in your consciousness that may be stifling you
  • What is actually happening in your current state of being
  • What challenges you are facing and how they are connected to your reinvention
  • What path(s) you should follow to move you forward
  • What potential outcomes may exist if you pursue your purpose
  • What may be hidden from your awareness that requires a higher level of perception

Additionally, you will receive:

  • Information about your birthdate and how it relates to challenges, relationships, and future endeavors
  • An oracle reading that concentrates on your feminine energy and where to best focus your attention

Most importantly, you will leave your session with clarity, confidence and a plan of action to make the necessary changes in your life.

Transformational Tarot readings take a minimum of 90 minutes. Additional time may be needed to understand the dynamics of your situation. All calls are recorded for you to listen to at your leisure.

All readings are completely confidential.  Please feel free to read my Code of Ethics before booking your reading.

To schedule a Transformational Tarot Card Reading, please contact me at The fee for phone readings is $497.  If you are located in South Florida, I am always available to meet with you personally in Delray Beach.

Getting the Most from Your Readings

Once you have booked your appointment for a private reading with me, you should begin to make a list of your questions prior to your session.  It’s important to stay on track and make good use of your time, so it’s always helpful if your concerns and intentions are clearly written down beforehand.

Plan to take notes during your reading.  Often, various revelations from the cards will make sense to you only after you’ve had time to digest the information as it relates to your situation.