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Transforming Your Soul’s Calling into a Profitable Business

In this 6-month program we’ll co-create your customized Reinvention Blueprint. We’ll start by looking at where you are now. This includes mind-mapping out your skills, talents and passions. This will help us get clear on the opportunities that are perfect for you to build a profitable business around.  Imagine what it would be like to wake up with sense of purpose and a full bank account of your own!

Monthly, through a Transformational Tarot Interpretations, I’ll support you on

  • Getting clear about how your past could be sabotaging your Reinvention Blueprint.

  • Identifying what your current challenges are and how to build your confidence to overcome them.

  • Becoming aware of the potential outcomes that you can create to keep you on the road to financial freedom.

To further help you give birth to this newly reinvented you we’ll work on specific action steps to take to get clear & confident on what needs to be done to put your blueprint into action.

To keep the momentum going and secure you from life’s inevitable challenges I’ll be here to provide you with a few quickie “Clarity and Confidence Sessions”

To wrap up our Rapid Reinvention Blueprint we’ll end with a celebration of all you’ve set into motion and help you get clear on how to take the next leap.

Details of this Private 1-on-1 Program

  • 90 min Mind-Mapping Session

  • 6 – 60 min Transformational Tarot Interpretations

  • 12 – 30 min Uncovering the Authentic You Calls

  • 3 – Clarity & Confidence Quickie Calls

  • 1 – 45 min Celebration of the Newly Reinvented You Call


“I wasn’t ready to retire and still had a desire to create a business and an income.  Gina Bender was able to zero in on my skills, talents and passions, and helped me create my perfect business.  I had no idea how many opportunities were just waiting for me AND that I was worth 6-figure$!”  Theda B., Delaware


To see if this program is right for you, I offer a complimentary 30-minute “Get Acquainted” discovery session to discuss your particular situation and what challenges you may be facing.

Please contact me at for a mutually convenient time to talk.