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Manifest Explosion!

“Manifesting” gets a lot of buzz but what is it, exactly and is it really possible?

The dictionary describes “manifest” as something that is proven, put beyond doubt or question.  So what is showing up in your life that you can see, that is proven beyond doubt or question?

Maybe you want more business success or more money and, boom!  There it is, showing up plain as day.  You’ve manifested it!

One of the best and most fun ways to experience a manifestation explosion and increase your cash flow, is by immersion in and around what you want.  There’s something about the ability to manifest what you want when you are steeped in what you want and can see, hear, touch and experience the very things you want more of in your life.  Wanting a new car is an easy example to explain.  Say you want a new red sports car.  By surrounding yourself with pictures of the car you want, going to the car dealership where you can see and touch them and certainly, driving one as often as possible immerses you in the experience of being a red sports car owner.  Do this for awhile and it won’t be long before you truly do own one!

Immersion can bring powerful manifestation results so what do you want to manifest today?

Want to join my immersion experience? I’ve always said if I can’t be in France, I’m bringing France to me and that’s exactly what I’m doing in my La Petite Retreat and Soiree on April 25.  If you want to have some fun, grow your biz and “be” in France for a bit, Click here for more info!!

For example, I adore France and always say that if I can’t be in France, I’m bringing France to me.


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