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La Petite Retreat & Soiree By The Sea

Friday, April 25, 2014
At The Seagate Hotel
9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Bon Jour! Take one little day out of your life and join me for the La Petite Retreat and Soiree by the Sea where I will teach you my proprietary technique I have used to reinvent my entire life in the areas clarity, confidence, cash flow and command.

Have you ever asked yourself?

  • What a the next step for me?
  • Why do I feel so stuck and trapped?
  • How do I blend my skills, talents, and passions to do something I really love?
  • How do I create my own financial security and independence?

Hi I am, Gina Bender and ooh la la, I am so excited for us! I know firsthand what it’s like to continually re-invent yourself. Over the years I have had a variety of careers spanning from working for two Fortune 500 companies, I was a lobbyist, I owned two antique shops, I was a top executive in MLM and most recently I built up a very large clientele in the Tarot business counseling everyone from celebrities to politicians. Throughout this time I immersed myself into studying a wide variety of modalities through workshops and conferences for spiritual women entrepreneurs dealing with such topics as mindset mastery, creative marketing strategies, and cash flow creation. I have extensively researched the process of midlife transitions and have helped many women develop a strategy for their own reinvention.

During this workshop you’ll discover the 4 secret steps that guarantee you’ll find the clarity you long for, the inner confidence that’s just bursting to come forth, the cash flow that will change your world, and ultimately, command over your life!

I believe the reason why most women find themselves stuck is:

  • They are hormonally depleted
  • They spend their life focused on everyone else’s needs
  • They suffer from brain fuzz due to variety of factors
  • They don’t value their own worth
  • They feel financially trapped
  • They are frozen and stuck, not sure of how to make their next move

This powerful, full-day workshop will show you how to:

  1. Tap into your inner Truth Teller
  2. Identify the #1 creativity killer that is guaranteed to keep you stuck
  3. Release stale expectations and create exciting opportunities
  4. Command your willpower in order to achieve more in less time
  5. Discover the 1 simple universal truth that will change your money mindset forever

If you’re tired of feeling:

  • trapped in a job or life situation that looks and feels heavy and dismal
  • not sure how to get clients or make money in your new business venture
  • having no idea how to start your business or even what business you should start
  • doubting your passion and self-worth
  • worrying that your business will fail
  • wishing you had more time to live and enjoy your life with friends and family
  • waiting for something to happen that clearly points you to the path of your purpose

Then this is the petite retreat getaway for you!

Gina is devoted to helping women entrepreneurs translate their soul’s calling into a profitable business. She helps women over 40 who are experiencing some form of transition, such as divorce, empty-nest, economic change, widowhood or who are searching for a purpose, reinvent themselves and learn how to live an inspired life by their own design.

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I sat down with Gina Bender about 6 months ago and did a reading with her, at which time I discovered so much more about why my personality is the way it is. She was able to pinpoint different aspects of me that were holding me back as well as strengths that I needed to put more effort into. I was very nervous about doing the reading but I walked away with lots more clarity and confidence about the direction I am going in. – Kellie Kuecha

Gina has a knack. She is always spot on. Her tarot readings get to the core of an issue. I always come away with a new found sense of who I am and of where I am going. She is highly intuitive and has told me things about myself which I had felt but which had never precisely formulated by anyone else. If you are setting off on a new path, a reading with Gina could be exactly what you need to confidently move forward. – Cynthia Makris