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All Work and No Play Is Just Not Good For You

As a business owner, it’s easy to work.  If you’re a biz owner, you probably love what you do and feel there is always so much to do that finding the time to work is never a problem.  In fact, you’re probably working too much.

Working on something you love, and especially in the early stages of building your business isn’t a bad thing.  After all, you have to do what needs to be done to create the business and life you want!

The problem with working too much, is that you leave no time to play and when you do that, you’re not operating as efficiently or effectively as you could be.  Studies have proven that people who work without taking mini-breaks don’t perform as well.  Are you guilty of doing that?

To take charge of living your best life and really have a command of it, make sure to schedule time to have fun.  It could be something you could do in fifteen minutes or less, like take a walk, flip through a magazine or have a dance off with the dog.  You always want to schedule time for longer periods of play such as a day at the beach, strolling through the flea market stalls or having a meal with friends.  Whatever you choose to do for fun, make sure you do it consistently and regularly.  Your sanity, health and business depend on it!

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