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Hello, there. I’m Gina Bender.

When we as women cross the threshold into our forties and beyond, life hands us a gorgeous proposition: get ready for Something More.

The Universe says:

Now is your time to . . .

  • get clear on the life you really want to lead,
  • step gently and powerfully into your light, guided by The Universe,
  • design your life and your work in the world for joy and self-expression,
  • reintroduce yourself to business in a way that resonates more than ever,
  • create a business around your deepest passions and your innate gifts, propelled by sound business principles,
  • be playful, easy, and receptive about enjoying what the Universe has in store for you!

Right now, today, for you.

Not for the man you’ve spent the past however-many-years supporting from the sidelines. Not for the children you’ve raised and nurtured. Not even for the once-precious career you trained so diligently for. (Perhaps it’s time to hang up those black suits and pumps once and for all and find something a little more you?)

Your life becomes about you. And opening up to your Something More.

I’m here to support women in transition who are ready to embrace their true gifts and clarify their calling as a creative woman in the world.

I’m a Reinvention Muse. A full-hearted mother. A mystic. A hands-on thinker. A style maven. A dog lover. And a friend.

I’ve been on the curve of life reinvention and realignment many times myself. And I’ve helped many women like you in this exact place re-emerge with a vision and a vibrancy that makes all of the challenging stuff you’re experiencing today feel worthwhile. Promise.

Together we’ll generate lush, actionable business ideas. You’ll find yourself well on your way to fulfillment and freedom.

The Universe has so much wisdom, clarity, and beauty for you — let’s access it!

As your Reinvention Muse, my role is to help you easily connect with the rich journey the Universe wants to offer you as you take up your life reinvention. Our work together empowers you to step into your power, so you can move toward a happier, more prosperous life. You’ll feel the freedom to make your own choices — to fly out the cage door and toward the open horizon your soul is longing for.

Connecting with the sacred wisdom of the Tarot, as well as tapping into creativity-opening tools like mind-mapping, will allow us to envision and explore, together, the brightest possibilities and next steps for you. Sound business principles help define our journey so that the ideas you create quickly become profitable.

I’m a woman who has reinvented her own life many times. Just listen . . .

I was brought up in a conservative Episcopalian family that never really discussed spirituality. I just had to be at Sunday school every week unless I had a bad fever or an I.V. Fortunately for me as a teenager in Roanoke, Virginia, no one discovered the Rider-Waite Tarot card deck I’d secreted away in my bedroom after purchasing it at Walden Books with my own allowance money. I’d been eyeing the deck for several months and couldn’t break my attraction to the cards. Little did I know then that learning the Tarot was to be a lifetime endeavor of experience, intuition, and spiritual wisdom. (I’m so glad I never put them down!)

After graduating college with a B.B.A from James Madison University, I followed my yuppie aspirations (didn’t we all want to be yuppies back in the ‘80s?) and found my way into a career writing copy, creating ads, and selling ad space. I discovered I had a true knack for helping people define and sell their services and products. I seemed to just know how to position them for clarity and best appeal. So much so that I was recruited by two Fortune 500 companies, and a few years later, by the then Lieutenant Governor of Virginia as a lobbyist for him.

I was deep in the first part of my life’s adventure, having fun, and watching my gifts swirl together to form patterns.

And wouldn’t you know? Life transition called.

Soon, I traded the career hustle and grind to get married and then pregnant — three times in four years! I left corporate life to start raising my three children full time. (Update: my household now has five kids due to some special life circumstances — all teenagers!). Life as a stay-at-home mom in those early days was non-stop, and I poured lots of love and energy into making our home beautiful and a true expression of our family. My design aptitude turned the heads of neighbors, and I soon found myself with a docket of local design projects.

So, I went back to school for design, a quite natural extension of growing a business organically that started with a creative spark and inborn ability. Eventually, I opened a few antique shops, ran my interior design business on the side, and studied marketing firsthand from some of the greats. (Those lessons came in handy as a multiple business owner.)

When I turned 40, something in me profoundly shifted. I couldn’t ignore a kindling desire within myself to serve other women who were in significant life transition. It was around this time that I recognized my ability to transition and reinvent myself and my passion work in the world over and over again, and I realized I could inspire others to follow their own visions, too.

My willingness to tune in to my intuition at a higher level, and to teach others to do the same for themselves, was profoundly real and impactful.

So I began to read the cards even more regularly for others: for friends, for family, for acquaintances, and for new clients brought in by referral. Reading after reading, I saw truths gleam forth. I saw my clients’ transformational energy in the cards. And I translated to them what was there and what it could mean for their next steps forward.

For many of my female clients over 40, Tarot readings ultimately evolved into strategy sessions, where we discerned ways they could turn well-honed skill sets or lifelong passions into lucrative businesses, thus providing them the financial freedom and feeling of self-fulfillment they longed for.

No more ‘stuckness.’ No more dry, predictable ‘destiny.’ No more feeling trapped, lonely, or dependent on someone else’s financial security to provide for her.

My clients are empowered to take action, and move from dreaming to doing. Together you and I can begin to give shape and substance to that Something More your life is crying out to bring forth.

Coupling business acumen and creative mind-mapping with the sacred wisdom of the Tarot: this work is so consistently powerful for me and my clients that I’ve designed my passion work in the world around it. (You might even call me a gypsy in pearls: where business and bohemian blend.)

Clarity. Confidence. Cashflow. Command.

Discover your purpose. Connect with what your soul’s calling. Give your big idea legs. Now is the time to take hold of your Something More.

Feeling drawn to work with me? Learn more about the beautiful women I work with here. [link to Is This You page]

You deserve a life and creative work in the world that is divinely inspired and divinely guided. Learn more about how this works.

Connection is a two-way conduit.

As a client or a reader of my Divine Downloads, it’s important to me that you know who I am.

And I invite you to get in touch with me and send me a note about who you are. What lightbulb moments you’re experiencing for yourself? I read every note I receive, and most inquiries about working together will be returned within 24 hours.

I live with my family in Delray Beach, Florida, a quaint, eclectic, artsy little town nestled between the wealth of Palm Beach and the glitz, glamour, and erotica of Miami.

When I’m not working with clients or working on my business, I’m probably walking the beach, paddle-boarding, art journaling, or browsing interior design magazines. I’m a perpetual researcher and student, a coffee lover, and as sweet a place as Delray Beach is, my future holds a home in the South of France. (I can smell the lavender now!)

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